Sounds from Spain participates in the virtual edition of FIMPRO
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4 November 2020

Sounds from Spain participates in the virtual edition of FIMPRO

Anni B. Sweet, Carolina Durante, El Columpio Asesino, Lady Ma Belle and Patricia Kraus will participate in the online sessions of the Mexican Trade Fair from November 4 to 6.

After the pandemic forced a delay in the celebration of the International Music Fair for Professionals (FIMPRO) in Guadalajara, Mexico, the organisation has made a great effort to transform the 2020 edition into an entirely digital event, thus maintaining it as one of the professional reference events for Latin American music and the Latin markets.

Sounds from Spain is committed to this new format, carrying out a series of promotional activities to support the Spanish music industry. In addition, the companies and artists who were planning to attend the face-to-face edition of the Trade Fair, Anni B. Sweet (Subterfuge Records), Carolina Durante (Sonido Muchacho), El Columpio Asesino (Oso Polita) and Patricia Kraus (Jerónimo Producciones), who have been joined by Lady Ma Belle (Alicia Calvo / ACE Music), will participate in a series of sessions to present their work to promoters, music supervisors and the Media in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

It is also planned that Spanish companies that have attended FIMPRO in previous years will be able to participate in the business meetings that will be organised through the Trade Fair’s digital platform.

This is the third time that Sounds from Spain will be present at FIMPRO, although in a different format to previous occasions, when various companies came to Guadalajara and live performances were given by internationally renowned groups, such as Lori Meyers Rufus T. Firefly and Zazo & Gxurmet in 2019, or Cala Vento, Joe Crepúsculo, Niños Mutantes and Viva Suecia in 2018.

In these moments of uncertainty, a virtual meeting like the one proposed by FIMPRO seems to us, from Sounds from Spain, the best way to continue supporting the internationalisation of our music industry. The activity will be coordinated by Promusicae.